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YQA: How to deal when imposter syndrome hits!



Do you ever feel like a fraud, like you’re not supposed to be where you are? We all do‍

Imposter Syndrome is real my friend, I have struggled with this and it almost stopped me from going for my goals and living my best life. 

It was amazing how scary it was just to create a youtube channel. I think it’s because it’s almost a declaration that I have something to say, it's standing up on a platform and declaring yourself important. That is hella difficult for everyone on most days, and there were so many ways that I sabotaged myself from doing this.

I’ve wanted to do it for years, but I convinced myself that:

  • no one wanted to hear what I have to say,
  • that I was too young,
  • that I was too old,
  • that I had a face for radio,
  • that I was too late to the game,

and that was all hogwash.

Here’s the thing, you can vanquish this demon and in this weeks’ Your Questions Answered' video we dive in and cover: 

  • Why its ok...
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