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Business Sense

Working with top global brands and small businesses alike, Melanie brings her background as Big 4 management consultant, her extensive global markets experience and a unique blend of analytical, quantitative and practical knowledge to apply strategic and creative thinking in solving client challenges.

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Chair and Co-Founder of the only premium awards programme to celebrate both the exceptional performance and outstanding achievements of black professionals and entrepreneurs in global, small and medium enterprises operating in Great Britain. Find out more about the BBBAWARDS and sign up below to get the latest updates.

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A global community of aspiring business men and women, who come together to  grow their careers and businesses through access to practical online training videos, tools, resources, masterclasses, Q&A sessions and small group mentoring designed to maximise their growth and impact. Start making Money Moves today!

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You asked and we listened! We are going to focus on our finances, our money, our value and our lives. Sharing what I've learned from my own journey  so that we can all learn together, right from your computer. It's a no holds barred focus on knowing our value and growing our wealth!

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"Melanie knows her stuff and has gotten to know our business. Her creative and strategic solutions and their practical implementation have resulted in an almost immediate result to our bottom line."

May 2018

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