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Through my programmes, events, courses, content and products  — my message is all about creating value and economic empowerment for all. 

Money Moves Membership

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This is my members-only group, designed to give you the guidance, motivation, training, and resources you need to build your growth and wealth mindsets and take your career to the next level.

We open registration just three times a year. Add your name to the waiting list, so you don’t miss the opportunity to join.

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Book me as a speaker

I am a professional speaker and have spoken at events for corporations, conferences, trade associations, and universities. I love public speaking and enjoy engaging my audience however; I have recently cut back on the number of invitations I accept, in order to make room for other priorities. If you have an event you would like me to consider, please email Jo, my assistant.

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Work with me one-on-one

I love one-on-one sessions, but I have limited time available for it and I will make you work and return on my investment :-).

Therefore, I am very selective and I also charge fees. But if you think you could only benefit from one-on-one interaction with me, please do get in touch

Once a year I hold a 1 month coaching intensive for an amazing price, sign up to my newsletter to be the first in the know. 

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Money Moves Mentoring Program.

I open up my group coaching only only three times a year to a small amount of people...and now is the time.
Weekly lessons, group coaching sessions, book clubs and practical tools, focussed on you and your goals.
You will walk out of Money Moves with a newfound clarity on what you want to achieve and how you are going to achieve it.
Our sessions start the week  4 November 2019 and registrations close 31 October 2019, when we close the doors for another year, so don't miss your chance...
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Book my Consulting Services.

My company, The Fresh Ideas Company offers consulting services to large businesses. If you would like to learn about how my company, partners and I can help your business in these areas, please email me.

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Catch one of my workshops.

You can find out about them in my newsletter updates. I hold my own workshops and masterclasses as well as speaking at other events open to the public, but you have to sign up to get on the list.

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Financial Wellness

Catch one of my private events.

Throughout the year I hold private viewings and screenings for my tribe at some of Londons best arts venues and institutions. Sign up for my newsletter to be first in the queue.

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The Awards

For any information in regards to the BBBAwards, please do send an email to info@thebbbawards, and the team will answer promptly.

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