YQA: How to deal with Overwhelm when it hits

Uncategorized May 03, 2019


Overwhelm is real my friend, so in this week’s video (my first one😁) I give a short bit of advice on how I handle it. Things are coming at me left, right and centre on a daily basis, and sometimes it seems easier to stick my head under the duvet. And we all feel it, so I wanted to share strategies on how I deal when I am overwhelmed that get me through the rough patches.

It was amazing how scary it was just to create a youtube channel. I think it’s because it’s almost a declaration that I have something to say, it's standing up on a platform and declaring yourself important, and that is hella difficult for everyone on most days, and there were so many ways that I sabotaged myself from doing this. I’ve wanted to do it for years, but I convinced myself that no one wanted to hear what I have to say and that I was too late to the game, but that was all hogwash.

I literally just launched it late last night (part of my April Goals) and I need your help…

πŸ™πŸ½pretty please subscribe to my channel…

It’s a lonely scary place being the only subscriber to your own channel that you've just launched, (kinda like planning a party and not knowing if anyone will come) πŸ₯Ί

I promised I would tell you first when anything new is in the pipeline, so here I am warts and all with my one subscriber #progressnotperfection


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