One to One Coaching

Are you maximising your success and leadership potential?

Practical supportive coaching to help you gain clarity, build your success mindset and achieve your goals.

I only do this once a year, and now is the time.

Maximise your Success

I give 1-to-1 coaching only once a year to only 10 people...and now is the time.
4 weekly sessions for the month of August, focussed on you and your goals.
You will walk out of this month with a newfound clarity on what you want to achieve and how you are going to achieve it.
Our sessions start the week  of August 5 2019 and must be complete by August 31 2019 when we close the doors for another year, so don't miss your chance...

Invest in Yourself 


Get ready to transform your life and accelerate your success.


Focus on you and your career,

Build your confidence,

Release your sabotages,

Navigate the roadblocks,

and accelerate your success.


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What would you like to focus on:

Career Goals

Personal Goals

Business Goals

Building your Brand

Generating Revenue

Getting Stuff Done

Negotiating with Power

Selling with Integrity

Take advantage of this opportunity to:

  • Take a step back and take some time to think about what you are doing to achieve your goals
  • Set goals for yourself and create a realistic plan to achieve them
  • Position yourself to get your promotion or payrise
  • Develop the traits to become a strong, authentic leader
  • Start or grow your own business

Build your business and financial confidence

Develop your growth mindset

Develop consistent success practices

Focus on the right activities for success

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1 initial 60 minute goal setting session

3 x 45 minute coaching sessions to focus your attention and your activities

Personal in-between-session email access for issues and questions that may arise.


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